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Phòng chiếu 3D - Công nghệ 3D vượt trội

Phòng chiếu 3D - Công nghệ 3D vượt trội

Phòng chiếu 3D - Công nghệ 3D vượt trội

Phòng chiếu 3D - Công nghệ 3D vượt trội

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Phòng chiếu 3D - Công nghệ 3D vượt trội

Phòng chiếu 3D - Công nghệ 3D vượt trội


IRTC Limited Company

IRTC Limited Company is proud to be the first one importing directly and installing cinema equipments : 3D Plus, 4D Plus, 5D Plus in Vietnam with the most quantity of effects : 15 effects.

Advanced Technology Development and International Business Limited Company.

Mission: research, product, trade in high technology goods, advanced techniques, high levels of intelligence  to meet the demand of entertainment, production and business both in domestic and foreign.

Vision: strive gradually to become the pioneer in the development of the most advanced technology.

Some marks:

IRTC’s 5D Plus system was recorded in Digital Channel – VTC2 of Vietnamese Television Station.

IRTC installed 3D systems to service a conference in Voice of Vietnam, 58 Quan Thanh, Vietnam.

IRTC installed 3D cinema at Technology Exhibition in Giang Vo - Hanoi with the participation of Minister of Ministry of Information and Communication.

IRTC co-operated with Japanese partners in developing 3D Technology in Vietnam, recorded in VTC Channel.

IRTC won the third prize in Vietnam Talent Award.

IRTC installed 3D cinema equipment servicing the graduating director examination in University of Military Art.

Some typical technical achievement of IRTC :

1. Research successfully the use of data interactive control through COM port with operator electronic equipment from Japan, Sweden, France for VNPT.

2. Construct the wondering, analyzing video system for electronic equipment; camera application for remote monitoring system for VNPT

3. Research, analyze, consult the wondering system to define errors in VNPT’s telecommunication equipment system

4. Research applied technology and video security on the VTC handset.

5. Rếarch and acquire the 3D, 4D, 5D technology transfer from Japanese, American, Korean partners such as: curved screen, spherical screen, 360 degree screen.

6. Acquire creating lightning technology transfer from American partner.

7. Acquire technology transfer and 06 cylinders motion simulation from Japanese partner, applied in Military.

8. Acquire active infrared oriented control technology transfer, applied in Military.

Address:          IRTC Office - 1122 Nguyen Khoai Street – Linh Nam -  Hoang Mai District – Hanoi.

Park for any vehicle including container in front of Company Office.

Tel:     0912.353.353

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Website:        http://www.phongchieu6d.com

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3D News

Present 5D Movie Theater Demo at IRTC – design 5D cinema system – 5D entertainment trend

Opening 5D Movie Theater at The Central of Hai Phong City – design 5d cinema – 5d movie in Vietnam

Introduce the first creating 4.5 meter lightning effect system in Vietnam – design the inside of 5D cinema – supply 5D cinema equipment.

Introduce mobile 5D cinema system – mobile 5D cinema – 5D cinema equipment

Introduce the first curved screen in Vietnam – 5d market in Vietnam – install curved screen 5d cinema system

Install 5D Movie Theater in Bac Ninh, moving to the new place at Supermarket – install 5D movie theater – designing 5d movie theater

Install 5D Movie Theater at Soc Trang Freshwater Lake – 5d cinema installation advice – where to rent 5d cinema system

Distinguish many types of seat with different vibrating degrees 3DOF, 6DOF – 5d seat – 5d motion seat – 5d movie installation advice

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Phòng chiếu 3D - Công nghệ 3D vượt trội

Phòng chiếu 3D - Công nghệ 3D vượt trội

Phòng chiếu 3D - Công nghệ 3D vượt trội

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